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  • Success!  Martin Smith Worship Workshop

    Success! Martin Smith Worship Workshop

    What an awesome time of worship and learning!  

    On Monday November 17, I had the priviledge of being on the panel of Martin Smith's Worship Workshop held at host church Coastal Church in Vancouver.  Martin Smith (frontman of popular band Delirious) led everyone who attended in an intimate time of worship and praise.  You could definitely feel the Presence of God as each person engaged in expressing thanksgiving to God through song.

    Martin Smith then shared what was on his heart and mind challenging us in worship leadership to grow beyond what we find confortable and seek God's vision for worship and outreach through music in today's culture.

    The day ended by each Panel member sharing some key thoughts in his specialty.  We heard from Brian Doerksen (Award winning Singer-Songwriter "Faithful One") about the importance of writing songs that are not afraid to explore the depths of human emotion... from lament to high praise.

    Next we heard from Phil Spoelstra (Worship and Arts Pastor, Broadway Church) share about the importance of being administratively organized, when running a succesful and effective music and worship ministry.

    Eric Damewood (Worship Arts Pastor, Village Church) was our third panel member.  He shared with us his passion for encouraging artists to discover their purpose and to pursue musical excellence in their creative disciplines.

    Steve Matthews (Innovation Lighting) shared with us some tips on an effective lighting system for houses of worship.  His word of wisdom is to not over-do it.  The lighting should serve the mood and message being conveyed through the music or sermon and not distract or draw undue attention.

    Steve Klassen (Saphhire Sound) talked to us about Live Sound and Recording and answered some personal technical audio questions from the audience.

    John Broadhead (Roland Corp. US) shared his wisdom with us on the topic of video and streaming services.  His main point was for churches to seriously evaluate the purpose and need for such technology in their context before jumping in and to not over-spend on technology that may not be needed for your particular church ministry context.

    And last, I (Brent Gibson, Professor at Summit Pacific College and Owner of Windsong Music Group) shared about my passion for raising up the next generation of worship leaders and musical artists through teaching music, worship, and sound to college students and working with emerging Christian artists in helping them realize and articulate their "God Voice" through music.  Windsong Music Group was formed to come alongside emerging artists and assist them in realizing their unique Christian musical voice by recording, producing, and distributing the artist's music at a reasonable cost with maximum impact.

    What an amazing event!  I was so honored to be a part of it.

    Thanks Martin Smith, Jamisel, and Coastal Church for making this event happen.

    Brent Gibson

  • Windsong Store is Here!

    Windsong Store is Here!

    We are excited to announce that our online Store is now OPEN!

    We are billing it as the PAOC's 'one-stop shop' to find PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) artists and affiliates music and resources.

    We have a dynamic and prolific creative community within the PAOC, and their music is an ever-important medium for which our members engage, speak and share.  With entertainment and social media becoming an ever-increasing part of our connected lives, Windsong Music looks to embrace a modern definition of worship and outreach.  One where our artists and their music can act as a connection point and catalyst for spreading the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the global outreach aspects of the PAOC, but also for those who simply enjoy some of the finest and most promising new music heard today.

    From Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, to Praise and Worship including music for Children, Families & Young Audiences, Windsong Music is committed to developing and promoting a full range of styles representing the best in Christian music. 

    Please check out our Store and see the exciting music we already have available to purchase.

    Click Here to vist Windsong Store

  • Martin Smith in Concert!

    Martin Smith in Concert!

    Martin Smith former Front Man of Delirious? will be Live in Concert November 16.  Martin Smith and Delirious? have participated many times as special musical guests over the years at PAOC Youth Conventions like History Maker (in British Columbia) and YC (in Alberta).  We at Windsong wholeheartedly endorse Martin Smith and his music and invite you to check out this event!

    For more information and to book tickets go here: www.GGDF.ca

  • Special Event: Worship Workshop hosted by Martin Smith and Brian Doerksen

    Special Event: Worship Workshop hosted by Martin Smith and Brian Doerksen

    We want to let you know of this amazing special event.  Martin Smith (Front Man of Delierous?) and  Brian Doerksen (Singer/Songwriter) are hosting a Worship Workshop in Vancouver, BC on November 17, 10 am to 1 pm.  This Worship Workshop will feature a special guest panel, including our very own Brent Gibson, sharing from their experiences on various topics like Songwriting, Worship Leading, Live Sound, Lighting, Recording and other great topics.

    So if you are in (or near) Vancouver on November 17 and want to hear some excellent stories and recieve invaluable teaching... then click on the link below and order your tickets, mark your calendar and come to an amazing event that you will leave glad that you came!

    For more info and to book your tickets click here: www.worshipworkshop.ca

  • Who is Windsong Music Group For?

    Who is Windsong Music Group For?


    Windsong Music Group is a cutting edge music label featuring a full-service 360 degree business-ministry model, offering services from the production, marketing, selling, and distribution of our musical products. 

    As such our target market is threefold:

    1) The PAOC Affiliated Musical Artist:

    In the form of a-la-carte services, including recording, distribution, sales, marketing, publicity, artist and career management to licensing music for film & television etc.

    2) Our Local Churches:

    In addressing the PAOC mandate, which is to strengthen and extend ministry in our local churches and acknowledging that the next generation (children, youth, and young adults) is one of our national missional priorities, Windsong Music will focus on providing Music Products and Services to the to local churches in the following formats:

    a) Praise and Worship Featured Releases:

    Featuring PAOC affiliated musical artists.  Our Pentecostal distinctives and unique worship expressions is a major asset that we can provide to our own local churches and to the general local church populous.  Praise and Worship music that fully embraces the Spirit Empowered experience is one of the major things that is missing from much of today’s Contemporary Christian Music.  Windsong Music will help fill that void.

     b) Next Generation (Children, Youth, and Young Adults) Featured Releases: 

    It is no secret that most people come to faith at a very early age, since our early years are our most formative in determining who we are and what we believe.  It is therefore, imperative that we provide quality God-centered music that is created by Spirit Empowered musical artists in order to raise up our future generations with a passion for God.

    3) The World:

    A major uniqueness of Windsong Music is its strategy to place excellent and commercially viable music produced by PAOC affiliated artists on the world stage.  The PAOC is at its very core a mission’s agency; therefore, it is fundamental that we leverage our DNA and functional structures to enable Spirit Empowered musical artists to get the “Word” out where most people are at these days – radio, TV, movies, video games, and concerts.  As such, Windsong Music will work towards developing PAOC affiliated artists that desire to reach into the commercial entertainment industry with quality music in an eclectic assortment of genres, that celebrates life, but from a Christian perspective empowered by the Holy Spirit.


    In order for all of this to work... we need you!

    Our artistic community streches from Coast-to-Coast-to Coast all accross Canada.  There are more than 1,100 churches affiliated with the PAOC and many more thousand once you include PAOC International Missions.  It is near impossible to keep tabs on all of the musical artists and music projects going on in our network.  

    So we need you to spread the word about Windsong and help us get everybody connected.

    Here are a few suggested ways:

    1) If you are a musical artist that belongs to one of our PAOC churches email us your bio and tell us your story.  We want to share it!

    2) If you are a musical artist that belongs to one of our PAOC churches and already have an established discography, let us know and we will do our best to promote it to our growing community.

    3) If you are a musical artist that belongs to one of our PAOC churches and need help and advice on recording your music, email us and we will help you out.