Strategic Partners

The Power of Partnership

Windsong Music Group has gone about establishing strategic partnerships with both Wordcom, the Christian Resources Distributor for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) one of the biggest Evangelical Christian organizations in Canada and with Maximum/EMI Music, the world's third largest distributor of music.

Strategic Partners

Our primary goal is to become a recognized leader in developing new and innovative ways to connect, promote and deliver affiliated PAOC artists, their music and their message to the world.

 We have a dynamic and prolific creative community within the PAOC, and our music is an important medium for which our members engage, speak and share...

 Windsong Music Group is committed to developing and promoting a full range of styles representing our core values and the best in Canadian Christian music.

By partnering with Wordcom, Windsong is able to deliver physical music products like CDs through Wordcom distribution to all PAOC churches accross Canada and into many local Christian Bookstores.

In terms of a competitive advantage within the Canadian market, Windsong Music Group will be the first to offer Christian Music a true "grass roots to major label" business model.  By collaborating with Maximum/EMI Music, Windsong will be able to offer the Canadian Christian music community something never before available in the marketplace.  A vertically integrated business that provides step-up, a la carte services for new and established artists; including career development, national marketing, and global exposure all the while promoting the value of God and the message of the PAOC.

By working to build a reputation of honesty, integrity and professional excellence, Windsong Music Group in partnership with Maximum/EMI Music will be able to thrive in this market by offering opportunities and services never before available in Canada.